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2023 Environmental Scorecard


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While California had some huge climate victories in 2023, this progress was undercut by actions and policies that moved us in the opposite direction on environmental protection and climate leadership. California’s actions must match the scale of the crisis. For taking one step backward for every two steps forward, California earned an 86% score in the 2023 California Environmental Scorecard.

By the Numbers


California Environmental Voters members


dollars invested by environmental groups in elections*


success rate in tough candidate races and independent campaign efforts


priority environmental bills/policies passed since 1974

*Investments by EnviroVoters, LCV Victory Fund & Affiliated Entities in Federal/State Elections.

Is your legislator a climate champion or delayer?

Our annual California Environmental Scorecard grades the California State Legislature and Governor on their environmental and climate actions from the past legislative year. See how state legislators graded on climate action in 2023:


Robert Rivas

ASSEMBLYMEMBER (D-29) • Score: 96%

Caroline Menjivar

SENATOR (D-20) • Score: 100%

Rick Chavez Zbur

ASSEMBLYMEMBER (D-51) • Score: 100%

Marie Alvarado-Gil

SENATOR (D-4) • Score: 1%

Stephanie Nguyen

ASSEMBLYMEMBER (D-10) • Score: 44%

Steve Glazer

SENATOR (D-7) • Score: 73%

EnviroVoters is using all the tools at our disposal to protect our health and future: climate justice, clean energy, conservation, and expanding democracy.

Together, we can end the era of corporate polluters pulling the strings in Sacramento and Washington, and demand political leaders implement transformational climate solutions.

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