EnviroVoters Townhalls

Hear about federal climate policy progress from Congress' own environmental champions

EnviroVoters is hosting a regular townhalls with members of California’s congressional delegation. It’s a great chance for environmental voters like you to get educated and engage with California’s climate leaders!

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Past townhall highlight reels

Clean Energy and Rebates with OLCV and Washington Conservation Action


“We need people to use these tax credits, to use these rebates when they are available. That’s the only way we actually reduce emissions.”

– Matthew H. Davis, MPH

View the full recording here

Public Lands with Congressman Mike Levin


“There’s no question that if it were up to my Republican friends, they would use every last acre of our public lands for fossil fuel extraction… But we’ve got to do everything we can to preserve and protect public lands.”

– Representative Mike Levin

View the full recording here